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Warning: Your toddler will say some seriously embarrassing things…

There’s nothing nicer than when your beloved offspring starts stringing sentences together. Those simple three word constructions can make you feel prouder than if they’d just completed a thesis on quantum physics. But Gemma Fraser knows that things can soon take a dark turn…

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We’re proud that, 18 months since we were born, Mush is responsible for hundreds of thousands of friendships between mums all over the UK and beyond. So, we want to kick off 2018 (twenty mate-een, if you will…) by putting a focus on friendship and being kind to other...

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“Mush helped build my confidence as a mum! It gave me the boost to meet new people and go out and try new things.“

“Mush crushed the boredom and made mat leave fun!!“

“Mush helped me find my mum gang when we moved to a new area. I didn’t know many people and Mush helped me meet a great group of mums who were like me….down to earth, up for a laugh, winging it and enjoy the occasional gin and tonic.“