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Update your app (no, seriously!)

Not since the launch of the toastie maker has there been such a huge technological advance... Here at Mush, we think of ourselves as a platform to connect mums to find friends, information and support, and we are proud that 1.5 million friendships have come out of it...

How to read to your baby

Before we start this article, let's get one thing clear: when you first start to read to your baby, you will probably feel like a tit. You’re going to be doing silly voices and making noises and singing song. It will make you feel ridiculous for a bit, but what the...

Coping with dark nights

The clocks went back a few days ago and if your heart plummeted into your boots as the first dark evening rolled around on Sunday, then you are not alone. I dread it every year. Something about the lack of daylight and the knowledge that we’re now stuck in winter for...

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Mush - Meet local mum friends nearby - testimonial 1

“Mush helped build my confidence as a mum! It gave me the boost to meet new people and go out and try new things.“

Mush - Meet local mum friends nearby - testimonial 2

“Mush crushed the boredom and made mat leave fun!!“

Mush - Meet local mum friends nearby - testimonial 3

“Mush helped me find my mum gang when we moved to a new area. I didn’t know many people and Mush helped me meet a great group of mums who were like me….down to earth, up for a laugh, winging it and enjoy the occasional gin and tonic.“